Your Logistics and Fulfillment Partner in Japan

Suzuyo Is A Japan Based "Global Fulfillment" Partner which means we offer complete logistic services for Overseas Companies Looking At Selling Products In Japan Via Web / Mail-Order Channel.

Suzuyo was founded in 1801 and boasts an Enormously Long History with a wealth of Experience And a comprehensive Nationwide Network.

We, at Suzuyo, are a professional fulfillment partner that assists those companies which would like to expand their market into Japan from a logistical point of view. The products that we handle cover a wide range of items incl. medical-related, cosmetics, perfume, food, supplement, apparel, bag, stationery, toys etc.

Having an extensive nationwide logistics network, we provide consistent and secure logistics services able to flexibly cope with changing market conditions and drastic peak / slack fluctuations.

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