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Getting to Know Us

Founded back in 1801, Suzuyo has evolved with Japanese society and is now a leading logistics company in Japan. Suzuyo also has over 140 group companies under its control covering a wide range of business fields including commercial activities, construction, building maintenance, security, food, IT, aviation, regional development etc.

Company Overview

Company Name Suzuyo & Co.,Ltd.
Founded in 1801
Established in 1936
Group Appx. 140 companies
Covering Port Operations (Shimizu), Local Trucking,
Ocean/Air liner service Construction, IT Development,
Academic Organization, Museum etc.
No. of Employee 11,000(As of Aug.2018)

History & Reliability

Suzuyo, with over 200 years of experience in the Logistics field, will surely satisfy your needs as a reliable 3PL Service Provider to process and distribute your products throughout Japan safely and efficiently.
Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA), one of Suzuyo's subsidiaries, is a regional passenger airline company.
Launched in 2008 at Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport, FDA now owns 8 Enbraer ERJ170 / 175 planes to connect Shizuoka with many Japanese cities and is steadily increasing its share as a wing of Japan.

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

Our CSR 「Tomo-iki」, or Symbiosis, is a concept which underpins our business practices and serves as the spiritual foundation linking us to our customers and the local community. Throughout our more than 200 years of history, we have sought to earn the trust of society through a spirit of symbiosis.
Since February 1998, the Suzuyo Group has been a proud supporter of the Shimizu S-PULSE professional soccer team.
As an enterprise that was established in Shimizu and continues to thrive here, we remain dedicated to the promotion of sports activities in the local community.

Advanced Services for Direct Marketing companies

Warehouse Management System

We provide the environment to view real time inventory status and movement. “Suzuyo Inventory Information System”, or SIIS, provides visibility for a variety of inventory information via Web. The information is updated every 10 minutes and can be viewed via your browser from anywhere in the world.

Coping with Auto – Ship Fluctuations

Suzuyo, having more than ample experience in dealing with a variety of Direct Selling industry practices, have the ability to cope with large order Auto-ship volume fluctuations without ever diminishing the quality of our service.

Smooth Shift from NFR to OTG

For Direct Selling Companies, You may rest assured that we at Suzuyo take on all practical logistic matters on your behalf to realize a smooth transitional shift from NFR to OTG leveraging our experience and accumulated knowhow.

Pharmaceutical Law Related License

In Japan, cosmetic products are subject to pharmaceutical law and once they are in Japan, they must be stored/processed/judged for release at licensed facilities until they are finally released into the market. At several of Suzuyo's facilities we provide our own license and responsible technical managers to handle your products securely under legitimate control.

Integrated Systems supporting operations

Customs Brokerage Service

Suzuyo employs more than 250 licensed customs brokers to provide strategically deployed customs brokerage services covering all major Japanese international ports/airports with our own integrated Clearance System.

Logistics Tracking System

"LTS" is a system which can list all necessary shipping information via the web at anytime and in any place. With each party inputting and updating data we can roundly share and strictly monitor the information. This system makes it possible to track each stage of the logistical process and observe the operation progressing without the need of excessive phoning, emailing or excel formats which in turn vastly reduces your day to day workload.

Strategic Alliance with UPS

Suzuyo's global partner UPS handles local transportation and export affairs at the place of origin as well as air and ocean carriage of products from the place of origin to Japan. Upon arrival in Japan, Suzuyo undertakes all necessary affairs including customs clearance, container haulage, warehouse unloading and / or delivery to customers.

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