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  • Cosmetics Company A

  • Nutritional Supplement Company B

  • Cosmetics & Supplement Company C

Cosmetics Company A


  • Head Office: USA
  • Cosmetics / BtoC
  • Launched in 2013
  • Monthly volume : 5,000 cartons


When opening our office in Japan we had to endure a whole manner of different formalities resulting in us being unable to obtain all the necessary Japanese pharmaceutical law related licenses in time. We were forced to consider putting off our grand opening in Japan.


Suzuyo introduced us to a company which has a marketing authorization holder license that could be used by us as a (temporary) substitute to perform the same functions.
Thanks to Suzuyo's cooperation and diligence we were able to keep to our plan and hold our Grand opening ceremony on time. For this we are very grateful.

Suzuyo is able to coordinate the best launch schedule possible in Japan regarding all the necessary formalities, applications, and licenses / authorizations that you may need.

Nutritional Supplement Company B


  • Head Office: USA
  • Nutritional Supplement / BtoC
  • Launched in 2012
  • Monthly Volume : 25,000 cartons


Our existing system at the time was not capable of managing production batch and/or use-by dates for designated products, and therefore we were unable to correspond to the needs of the allocation scheme for shipping promotion goods to certain customers.


Suzuyo's system enabled us to allocate certain products with longer/shorter use-by dates to certain customers in accordance with their contribution to us. In short, their system which can trace movement of products with certain Lot numbers through each logistical stage is extremely helpful for us to plan sales promotion measures for customers.

Our proprietary inventory control system, Cargo Master, is able not only to control Lot / use-by dates but also to allocate desired products to desired customers according to multiple attributes.

Direct Sales Company C


  • Head Office : USA
  • Cosmetics and Nutritional Supplement / B to C
  • Launched in 2012
  • Monthly Volume : 35,000cartons


We used to have only one distribution facility in the eastern part of Japan, which we had started to feel increasingly uneasy about from a BCP aspect due to Japans rather frequent experiences with natural disasters which are of course very hard to predict ...


Suzuyo offered us a plan to have one more facility in the western part of Japan to reduce the risk of being affected by natural disasters.
Although the stock was separated into two, Suzuyo's inventory control system as well as their on-site staff at both facilities had no problem keeping the same level of services at each, and we could decrease the burden of shipping + risk to a minimum, not to mention that we could decrease the delivery cost.

Suzuyo offers a variety of solutions leveraging its 110 modern warehouse facilities deployed throughout Japan. Suzuyo's logistics proposal is always to best fit each customers' needs both in profit and from a BCP point of view.

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